Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to run Child PowerShell Process in PoweShell


Hi Guys,

may be you are wondering what is its meaning, it mean how we can use PowerShell with in a PowerShell as a child process

It is very useful when we want to call a cmdlets or script within PowerShell Script.


Syntax is Simple type PowerShell following by Curly Braces and in Curly braces you can provide any script, or cmdlet.

PowerShell  { }

for example  open PowerShell console and type the below command:

powershell {Get-ChildItem c:\}

ChildPowerShell process0

How we know that its the above command running as Child Process not as a same process.

okays I have a proof.

Currently there is  only one “PowerShell.exe ”  process is running.[fig.1]

ChildPowerShell process  fig.1


now execute our command as let’s see what happens [fig.2]

ChildPowerShell process 2 fig.2

now see below when we execute the script a new child “PowerShell.exe” process starts beneath our old “PowerShell.exe” process and when it done executing it the child process will exit automatically [fig.3]

ChildPowerShell process 3 fig.3


hope u like it :)


aman dhally