Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What’s New in Windows PowerShell ISE 3.0

Hi, Microsoft has added lots of new feature in “Windows PowerShell ISE 3.0” . If you are “Powershell ISE” lover then you should try this new version of “Powershell ISE”. I am using windows8 and it has “Powershell V3” and “Powershell ISE v3” installed by default.

So what's new ? in New PowerShell ISE 3.0?

  It has the main feature which was lacking in ISE Version 2
  1. Intellisense.
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      • 06-02-2013 12-45-52
  2. We can use and Insert Snippetstoo.
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      • 06-02-2013 12-47-34
  3. Commands tab
    • In command tab, we can see List of all modules available. we can search for specific cmdlets.We can build command right on the Commands tab and directly run from there or insert to the script pane.
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  4. Update Powershell Help
    • Now we can “Update Powershell Help” using Powershell ISE 3.0, it is very simple.
    • Click on “help” and click on “Update Windows PowerShell Help” {it run update-help cmdlet actually }
    • 06-02-2013 12-54-39
    • and it will start updating all Powershell Help files.
    • 06-02-2013 12-55-29
  5. New Menu bar Items
    • Microsoft had added two new menu bar items.
      • Tools
      • Add-ons
  6. Themes
    • Now we have a option of customise how our Script pane and Console pane look like.
    • PowerISE 3.0 has 6 inbuilt themses
      • click on Tools
      • Click on Options
      • 06-02-2013 13-03-59
      • Now you can see that default theme “Dark console, Light Editor” is selected.
      • to change the theme , click on “Manage Themes”
      • and select the theme which you want to apply and click on OK
      • 06-02-2013 13-16-19
      • and click on APPLY
      • and now everything will be look like “Matrix movie” Winking smile
      • 06-02-2013 13-17-26
That’s all for now Smile  
Aman Dhally
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