Thursday, September 5, 2013

Powershell Techniques : Use While loop for rebooting laptop after 30 seconds with a informative message .


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In few of my scripts, before rebooting the laptop, I use Start-Sleep cmdlet to give a pause for 30-60 seconds.

We can do this easily using Start-Sleep 30.But, it is always good to show informative message on the screen so that user can know what is going on, to do that, I use while loop.

See the code below and it is very simple.

$second = 30

#While Loop

#while our $second variable is greater then 0
While ($second -gt 0 ) {

            # we are minus 1 with every look
            # putting laptop sleeping for one seconds
            sleep 1
            # just a message
            Write-Warning "Computer will be restated in  $second"

Logically this loop will run 30 times, until $seconds value is not come to zero.

Let's run the code and the result is. nice informative message about that laptops will be reboot in 30 seconds.


I hope you may like this. :) 

Aman Dhally
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