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PowerShell Application : Numerology Application created using PowerShell




Don’t call me insane, and please don’t use the words “WTF!”, “Shit” etc. I knew, PowerShell and numerology sound very insane.

I know, I know, PowerShell is for IT guys, Admins , developers, but, it is scripting language, we can use is to easy and other life.

Download Link :




One of my friend is a numerologist, he was facing some problem and asked me if I am able to help him. The issue which he was facing was to convert the name of his clients to numbers, he has to do the manually . That’s what he use to do.

For example you name is Aman and you want to know about your ruling number and planet


Position of Alphabet in English Letter










So the Number for Aman is = 1+4+1+5 = 11 as we have only 9 planets, we have to add 11 to 1+1 again and we got the ruling number 2.

Now if you name is more complex than mine, he is going to spent a decent amount of time to add it.



I have created a simple PowerShell GUI for him, so that he just need to type the name of the user it to it and click on calculate button, and he got the ruling number of the user along with him ruling planet.


How to use it

Download the zip file from this link :

This zip file contain, Images those are used in the GUI, a PowerShell source file and an executable file.

To open the numerology PowerShell application.

Double click on “Numerology.exe”



Type you name and click on calculate. That’s all.




I learned

Open the PowerShell file,  and you can see a good example of using arrays and the if logic.


Special thanks

To all “PowerShell MVPs” who helped me when I stuck at a small script logic.


I hope you will enjoy this.



Aman Dhally


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