Wednesday, March 12, 2014

HotFix Available: "One or more properties are invalid" error when you run the Get-ADUser Cmdlet" error on Windows 8.1


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You are an Administrator? And you also do use PowerShell, and also you are using Windows 8.1 with RSAT tool installed, and also using Active Directory module for manage Active Directory users and computers, then, I am sure you are familiar with this creepy error.


This error occurred when you use –Properties * either with “Get-AdUser” or with “Get-AdComputer”.

The most irritating part of this error is, if you want to see all properties of the user, you can’t.


One or more properties are invalid. Parameter name: msDS-AssignedAuthNPolicy

12-03-2014 10-53-37


Yesterday, Microsoft has launched the “Hotfix for this bug!”{Actually I am not aware of that this a bug in  PowerShell.}

You can download the hotfix from this link:

After installing the hotfix, reboot your computer and run the above command again, and you will notice that “all is well again” in our world.


12-03-2014 11-08-57


 So, install this hotfix ASAP!!!! ;o) .


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