Sunday, April 12, 2015

I am an Author now : Automating Microsoft Azure with PowerShell


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Life is full of surprises, and it amazes us on every step of it. Sometime it make us cry and sometime it make us laugh and sometime it let's us confused that either to laugh or to cry.

Since I have started my career, I always dream of publishing a book, I never know when it is going to happen, but i was sure that it is going to happen one day. That one day , come early as i never expected, on second week of March 2015, my first book which i written with my friend John has been published and  it's available to purchase as a print and eBook version both. When I saw this book printed, I was too happy and too sad at the same time.

This book is on managing Microsoft Azure by using PowerShell. We put lot's of effort to make this book simple and easy to understand and i am hoping  you guys are going to love it. It is available online to purchase Smile 

Please wish me all the best for the book Smile .

I would like to thanks to all the PowerShell community and my follows MVP friends those encouragements and my lovely daughter Manya Kaur, which is an inspiration and motivation for me helps me keep going and achieve this movement of proud. 


Keep dreaming guys, they do come true : A! Murky Ana.

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