Thursday, August 13, 2015

PowerShell Tip : Logging time taken by a PowerShell script to complete.


Do you wonder sometime, that how much time you script it taking to complete, or, when you have started the script and then it finished.

I love to see it, and I use a very simple  way to monitor it.

The trick is to create a variable in the first live on the script and save the Get-Date info, and in the end of the script create another variable and save the same Get-Date information to it , and then minus the start date variable with the end date and Voila! you will get the information.

  $startTime = Get-date

 Get-ChildItem c:\

 $endTime = Get-Date

 $endTime - $startTime


Aman Dhally - Manya Kaur


Aman Dhally - Manya Kaur

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Aman Dhally
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    1. Yup, we can use that too :) , it's just an another way to do it ;)

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  3. Measure-Command {ls c:}