Monday, November 23, 2015

PowerShell & Microsoft Word 2016 : Opening Clipboard in Word 2016 using PowerShell.


In the previous blog posts, we have seem that how can we set the zoom view of a document.

Ok!, this task seems to be tricky one, they ( those wizards), asked me to open Word Clipboard!!!! What!!!!!!

Yes, they asked me if I can open a word clipboard using PowerShell.

At , first , it seems to be a tough job for me , but, you do remember that PowerShell is easy? Yes?

After few hit and tries, I have found it out, it's veryyyyyy simple. Word COM object have a method  by the name of ShowClipboard ( ) .



The complete code is :


$word = New-Object -ComObject "Word.Application"

$word.Visible = $true


Aman Dhally - Manya Kaur

Now' let's see, what will be the next challenge may be!

Aman Dhally - Manya Kaur

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