Friday, May 20, 2016

PowerShell cmdlet of the Day : Compress-Archive

In the previous blog post we have seen how to extract a ZIP file.

But what about, how you can create a zip file by using PowerShell.

It's simple again, by using the Compress-Archive cmdlet.  The syntax of Compress-Archive cmdlet is simple, provide the -Path of the folder which you want to compress, then provide the      -DestinationPath of your .zip file and then set a -CompressionLevel, and after that hit enter.


Compress-Archive -CompressionLevel Optimal -Path C:\temp\Data\

-DestinationPath C:\temp\


In the the above command, I have set the -compressionLevel to Optimal , and then  provided the -path of my folder which I wan to zip and then the destination path of new zip file which in And hit enter, in the below screenshot you can see that it has started creating a zip file. 


Aman Dhally, Manya Kaur


In the below folder you can see, that our zip file is successfully created. Yayyy!!!!!


Aman Dhally, Manya Kaur

Thanks for the reading blog post.

Aman Dhally, Manya Kaur

With Regards.
Aman Dhally
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