Wednesday, November 16, 2011

“VIM” a console based Script Editor for PowerShell



I hope some of you know about what is VIM is and for those who don’t know what VIM is for them “VIM” is console based text editor and it’s very advance text editor. Basically VIM was made for LINUX and it’s come pre-installed in most of the Linux Distributions. Now they also make it compatible with Windows. You can download VIM executable from VIM website or you can download VIM directly from this Download link 

Why to use VIM?

hummm.. if you want to do edit PowerShell scripts directly from PowerShell Console or you don’t want to use EDIT command to edit PowerShell Script and want some more advance features then VIM is for you. We will use VIM as console based test Editor.

How to use it?

Download vim  and save it anywhere on your laptop and Extract the .ZIP file.


Now Paste the extracted Vim.exe folder in C:\Windows\System32 so that it automatically added to your environmental path so that we can execute the VIM.exe from anywhere in the console.


Now lets open PowerShell Console and see if we able to run VIM successfully.


It’s Open.. to quit this windows type :q


Now open a PowerShell Script using VIM , Vim  and location of PowerShell Script


Looks good isn’t


Press Escape and type :se nu in vim and hit Enter and Line Number appear in the script :)


to quit the vim without saving the script Press Escape Key and type :q! and hit enter.

To know more about vim see this online documentation : 


Thanks for reading


Aman Dhally

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