Monday, November 28, 2011

“Script to list all folder of Outlook and total number of emails store in them” using PowerShell



from past few days I tried to writing a script which shows me that how many folders I do have in my Outlook and total number of emails stored on them.

I get only 50% success so far, I am able to see the folders but somehow not able to see the total number of items store in them

Then I tried searching the Internet and found a script which does it. This script is written by well knows PowerShell MVP “Shay levy”

This script solve my problem and then i thought i should share it with you.

you can download the script from here:

Screenshot of the output when you run script.

Before: When first time I run the Script

After: I removed 2 email from my “Junk-Junk” folder and test it again and precise result

Thanks “Shay”




Aman Dhally

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