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How to find Hidden files and Folders using PowerShell.



In Old days when we need to saw the hidden files we used Dir /a command to view them. If you don't know let me show you the example

first we run a simple Dir *. command to show the us the list of folders are it is showing only 11 Directories.

Secondly we run the Dir *. /a command and it showing us 18 Directories , which means we have 7 hidden directories.

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how we can access the same information using PowerShell? it’s very easy just use the Get-ChildItem Cmdlet.

first Run Get-ChildItem only and we can see that it is showing  only few directories.

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OK Now run the Get-ChildItem with –Force Switch.

and you can see now we have more directories listed here. You can notice in the front of some directories the Mode is “h” {green arrow} ,which means the attribute for these directories is set to hidden.

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or the other way to see the the Hidden files are folder in current folder is to run this command line.

Get-ChildItem  -Force | where { $_.Attributes -match "Hidden"}

this will show you only “Hidden” files and folders.

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