Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Script to reset “Hidden files and folders” to normal using PowerShell


yesterday one of my users laptop get infected with virus. After removal of virus i saw that “Virus” hide every file and folder in the laptop.  It was quite a pain to “Choose file and folder” right click on it, choose properties and un-tick the hidden option.

Then i decide to write a script which can do this for me.

Download it from here :
so here is the script:
## Change "D:\P-temp" with your folder path
$Filepath = Get-ChildItem -Recurse -path "D:\P-Temp\" -Force 
$HSfiles = $Filepath | where { $_.Attributes -match "Hidden"}
foreach ( $Object in $HSfiles ) {
       $Object.Attributes = "Archive"
### End of script #####
This script search for “Hidden file and folder” in the path you defined in $Filepath and the it sets the “Archive” attribute on every file and folder it found.

Screen Shots:

You can see that the i highlighted the “hidden” files and folder below.

25-01-2012 17-05-46

we run the Script  and it done something ;-)

25-01-2012 18-15-42

You can see that , all hidden folder are back to normal. :)

25-01-2012 17-06-33

Download it from here :

Thanks for viewing .
Aman Dhally
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  1. $Filepath = Get-ChildItem -Recurse -path "C:\Rahman Data\" -Force

    $Filepath | foreach {$_.attributes -match "Hidden"} { $_.attributes="Archive"}

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