Thursday, February 2, 2012

Get the list of all windows “System Restore Points” using PowerShell.



if you remember yesterday we created a windows “System Restore Point” using Poweshell. Today we are going to check the list of all “System restore points” created by windows.

The cmdlet which we are going to use is “Get-ComputerRestorePoint

Note: Make sure that you run PowerShell as “Administrator”

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Lets run the cmdlet

Here it showing the list of all restore points.

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if you want to view the details of any specific “Restore Point” then use -RestorePoint and the sequence number.

Get-ComputerRestorePoint -RestorePoint 81

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want to cross check?

Ok!, Open the “System Restore” in Accessories and compare it with the output of the Get-ComputerRestorePoint, make sure you ticked on “Show More restore Points” to view all the “restore points”

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If previously you tried to restore laptop using the “System Restore Point” and want to check the result of restoration process use the -LastStatus parameter.


and my previously restoration of laptop was failed :D

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Thanks for reading…

Aman Dhally

Aman Dhally

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