Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thanks to "SAPIEN Technologies, Inc."...



Few weeks back i got an email from "Robert" who is from "SAPIEN Technologies" and first I thought that this may be a some "SALES" promotion email, but it was not , they  give there best wishes to "New Delhi PowerShell User Group" and asking  if they can support this group by any means. First i was amazed that "SPAIEN" is such a big company  and the do support a little-small user group like us. they do care for communities? Amazing  it is true :). They do care for PowerShell user Groups.

I want to say thanks to "Robert Morey" from "SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.He Gifted a eBook "Windows PowerShell™ v2.0 TFM" to our "New Delhi PowerShell User Group".

This book is written by well known person of PowerShell World "Don Jones" and "Jeffery Hicks".

I download it for now and will print it soon to start reading ...

Thanks for the support "Robert" and "SAPIEN"


Aman Dhally

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