Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Letter to you : Why to use Powershell.



My Dear Friends,

Good Evening.

Hope you all are doing fine. 

Most of the times In my emails , user group meeting , and sometime when I meet with some other technology experts they argue, question or queried  about, “Why to use to use Powershell.”

Today, I thought to answer this question.

“Why to use Powershell?”, first it is a personal choice. Secondly you can perform same task by using Powershell and using other language like Visual basic, C#. There is always more than one Path to same destination.

Firstly, if you already know these languages and you know how they work and you are happy, then there is no need to learn a new language.


First Thing, if you are a beginner and you want to learn a scripting language and you want to start with an easy scripting language then in my view Powershell is the only and the best choice.

Second, if you love automation, & you like to automate/script your manual task, then this is language for you.

Third, if you don’t want to spend your whole carrier as just a desktop engineer, and want to move ahead in your carrier then this is the language for you.

Fourth, if you want a good hike in your salary, then this language is for you, by automating manual tasks, creating script to solve certain problems, makes you efficient, productive at work and boosts your overall performance.

Fifth, try to be different from others, I know few young IT professionals, they  work in different teams and by way of introducing Powershell in their work they earned respect within team and their organizations as well as certificates of excellence\ appreciation from their employer.

Sixth, it’s cool, you can do many cool things with Powershell, by writing your own tools, applications, it’s all depends upon your creativity and imaginations. I build a network pinger and STOP watch using Powershell and I Loved it.

Seventh, when you need help on it, online Powershell Community is very active , in ways of  TechNet Gallery, Facebook groups or Powershell forums,  even the authors of famous Powershell books , famous Powershell MVPs  are also active on Powershell Groups and forums., Whenever you get stuck anywhere just shoot the question and you will get the answers within couple of hours.

Eighth, if you are in IT, then this could be of great help to you as the Technology keeps on changing every few months, and the basics  once learned in Powershell can be put to use anywhere, such as manage SQL, SCOM, SCCM, Office 365. The user can manage any of Microsoft technology with Powershell, as now most of the Microsoft technologies are compatible with Powershell.

You can read and see the benefits of using and learning Powershell, there are more benefits but I just chose to write the major ones.

Now it is up to you that you want to learn/use Powershell or not.

The choice is yours. It was always yours.

Choose wisely.


Aman with Love

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  1. Hi Aman !

    With powerShell you have the liberty to chose how to use PowerShell.
    You can use it as a commandline aor you can script or yo can develop full blown applications.

    I love automation but for me the greates reason is the big/deep reach of PowerShell.

    You can accomplish nearly everything with PowerShell in Windows.
    PowerShell can access the Win32 API (through .NET) you can use all .NET classes and can build GUIs.

    Peter Kriegel


    1. Hi Peter,

      Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable views here :)

      We love Powershell.