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Powershell and Outlook: Create a new Outlook Contacts using Powershell Module.

Good Evening everyone.
In my previous post, we created a Powershell function using Ms Outlook com objects. That functions creates new  calendar meetings.
We use that function on Powershell console or in our scripts too.
Today I converted the script in to module , so that we can use it whenever we want.
I named the module to “OutlookTools”.
Today i added one more function to the module.
Now we can create a new Outlook contact using this new function. The Name of the function is “New-OutlookContact”.
Using “New-OutlookContact” we can create a new contact on the Powershell console, without switching to the Outlook applications.
How to do that.
Let me show you.,
  1. First download the “OutlooTools.Psm1” and .psd1 file from
  2. Create a folder Name “OutlookTools” in “Libraries\Documents\WindowsPowershell\Modules
  3. and paste both files there.
12-08-2013 1
Now open Powershell console and run the cmdlet,
Import-Module OutlookTools
12-08-2013 2
By running the Get-Command cmdlet, we can see which cmdlet and function this modules had added.
Get-Command -Module outlooktools
In my previous post, I already explained about “New-OutlookCalendarMeeting” ,  and the “New-outlookContact” is a new function.
As I mentioned above that using “New-OutlookContact” we can create a new outlook contacts.
lets try creating some contacts.
Example : 1
Create a new simple outlook contact using first name and last name.
New-OutlookContact -FirstName "jhonson" -LastName "Smit
12-08-2013 3
and here is the result in Outlook.
12-08-2013 4
Example 2  :
Create  a new contact with Mobile Number.
New-OutlookContact -FirstName "Ajit" -LastName "Singh" -MobileNumber "9910129889"
12-08-2013 5
and here is the result again.
12-08-2013 6
Example : 3
Create another outlook contact, with website, and company name field.
New-OutlookContact -FirstName "Jujhar" -LastName "Singh" -Website "" -Company "Jujhar Studio"
12-08-2013 7
and it works well too.
12-08-2013 8
Example : 4
Create an another contact with , Notes, and Job title and business address.
New-OutlookContact -FirstName "Jorawar" -LastName "Singh" -BusinessAddress "Sarhind, Punjab" -JobTitle "Warrior" -Notes "I saw him in a Sikh Temple"
12-08-2013 9
working perfectly.
12-08-2013 10
Lets use all parameters.
New-OutlookContact -FirstName "Fateh" -LastName "Singh" -Birthday "05/01/1999" -BusinessPhone "0999999" -BusinessAddress 'Sarhind, Punjab' -Company "Khalsa" -EmailAddress '' -HomeAddress 'Talwandi,Punjab' -JobTitle 'warror' -MobileNumber "90909090'
12-08-2013 11
and here you go.,
12-08-2013 12
to know more about the functions, after importing OutlookTools module run.
  • Get-Help New-OutlookCalendarMeeting –Full
  • Get-Help New-OutlookContact –Full
You can download the module from below link:
Download Link :
I hope you will like it.
Aman Dhally
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