Wednesday, December 17, 2014

PowerShell and Active Directory : Get the list of Active Directory Users created of a Specific Date.


If you are an I.T or System Administrator, then you must doing one thing for sure, getting the list of Active Directory users. Getting list of Active Directory users is very easy with PowerShell.

You just need to have “Active Directory PowerShell Module” and just shoot the Get-Aduser cmdlet. Simple!

A IT guy from Egypt ( Ahmad),  email me and ask me if he can get a list of Active Directory user that is created on a specific date? I said Yes, and then I think about to write this PowerShell Script function.

The usage of PowerShell function is very easy. Type the function name and in –Date parameter provide the Date on which you want to see if you have created any Active Directory user.

For example:

If you run the below code. It will give you list of all Active Directory User account those are created with-in 24 Hours of 17th December 2014.


Get-ADUserCreated -Date 12/17/2014 



Video : Video of the script usage and running.

Video of the script usage and running.

Script Download Link :

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