Tuesday, December 2, 2014

PowerShell Tips : The F7 key.


Hello, you must be wondering where I have been from past few months?

I was busy with some of my life’s awesomeness. Hopefully I will blog about that soon too.

Let’s talk about PowerShell, as we spent lots of our time on PowerShell console and the knowledge of some handy “Keyboard Shortcuts & Tricks” are always helpful and time savers.

If you are using PowerShell from long time, you may be already knew these shortcuts, if not, then at-least you know them now.

F-7 Key

On PowerShell Console, if you want to see the history of the cmdlet’s or commands which you have run, and you want to re-run again, then hit the F7 key of your keyboard, and you will see the list of cmdlet and command which you have run on the PowerShell console.


Cool ! Isn’t.


PowerShell TIPs



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