Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fix Client DNS Issues and IP Address using Powershell.


I think everyone know that IT administrators like me are lazy... We don't like to do repetitive work and we also don't believe in trying same word and commands again and again. I think most of you will be agree with me :)

Today i did some changes in our local DNS,DHCP server. So for some reason we need to flush DNS Caches from the system also need to do Release and Renew IP-Address. 

To easy my work load so that i can spent more time on FACEBOOK .. i wrote a simple small script which is just running our native command Ipconfig. The same command help us to flush DNS as well as Register DNs.

You can download the script from below link, Nothing fancy jus a simple script.

Download from here :

24-05-2012 15-15-07

Download from here :

Aman Dhally

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