Friday, May 4, 2012

Powershell and ActiveDirectory:Find the settings of your default Domain Password Policy using Powershell.



Sometimes we need to know what is our default domain password policy is set to?. Is Complexity of password is enabled?  what is minimum password length is set to.

Normally to check these setting to need to open your Group Policy Console and go to domain setting etc.

But in Powershell to see these settings are very simple. These Settings are just a CMDLET away.

Make sure you have "RSAT" installed on you laptop.

Lets Start.

Import the Active Directory module first.

Import-Module ActiveDirectory

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After importing the Module, we are going to use Get-ADDefaultDomainPasswordPolicy cmdlet. Simple.

Run the Get-ADDefaultDomainPasswordPolicy cmdlet and it will show you all domain Password Policy related settings.. Simple :)

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Happy Weekend....


Aman Dhally

Aman Dhally

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