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Powershell and Citrix: Installing Citrix PowerShell SDK on XenApp Server/or Windows Client

written by: Deepak Singh Dhami.
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Hello Power Users!
When I started learning Citrix, I was very excited about the fact that Citrix provides PowerShell SDK to manage the XenApp Farms.  One has to install the SDK in the Remote XenApp Server or the local machine to start using PowerShell cmdlets to manage the Farm. These cmdlets provide extra functionality not achievable from the GUI.
In this post we will get our system ready for using Citrix SDK. 
Getting the System Up and Ready for Action:

Installing Citrix PowerShell SDK on XenApp Server/or Windows Client.
First of all get the appropriate SDK for your Server. I have a XenApp 6.5 Server running in my Environment. So I downloaded appropriate one ...Note here that the functionality may be limited with the version of XenApp and PowerShell SDK you are using (will discuss this at length in later post). 
You can download the Citrix PowerShell SDK by using following link:
For Citrix XenApp 5.0 (in Windows 2008 and 2003), you'll need to register yourself to get this one. 
 For Citrix XenApp 6.0,
For Citrix XenApp 6.5,
Run the Installer executable on a Client or XenApp Server to be presented with a License Agreement.
You know what to do here… ;)
I mean read the whole license here…...C'mon who does that :P
    Figure 1 
Now after the tiresome reading of the Agreement. You'll be presented with a Screen like Figure2:
The components that will be installed with the Citrix PowerShell SDK are explained as below: 
Citrix XenApp Commands
These cmdlets expose a consistent command line and scripting experience for XenApp Farm Admins. Note that all the Farm Management tasks can be performed using the cmdlets and moreover these cmdlets provide functionality that is not provided with a traditional GUI that is Citrix Delivery Services Control / Citrix App Centre. 
Citrix Group Policy Provider
The Citrix Policy provider lets you examine, edit, clear, and copy policies and policy settings that are stored in any GPO. When the provider is loaded, it creates the LocalGpo and LocalFarmGpo drives to refer to the local Windows policy and any Citrix policy that is applied to the XenApp farm where the server is a member.
Citrix Common Commands
The Citrix Common Commands provide functionality common to all Citrix products. The Common Commands are exposed through the snap-in: Citrix.Common.Commands. 
         Figure 2 
Installation Complete 
    Figure 3
I am using the XenApp 6.5 SDK and it comes with a new feature called Remoting. Note this Remoting is different than the PowerShell Remoting.  
Note:  I will be covering two scenarios in upcoming blog posts
1.      Using PowerShell Remoting
2.      Using Citrix Remoting
Stay tuned for more citrix related stuff...
Deepak Singh Dhami
Deepak Singh 


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