Monday, July 2, 2012

Enable Group Policy Powershell Module for Windows 7 domain client Computer.



today i was planning to do few things with my "Group Policies", as usual i prefer to do it using PowerShell.

As you all know that to use Group Policy related stuff we need to import its module first. In windows 7 the group policy module in not enabled by default. We need to install it and then enable it.

The process it .

and after installing RSAT tool.

Click on start and search for "OptionalFeatures"

Click on it.

02-07-2012 19-07-13

and go to "Remote Server Administration Tools" expand it m and then expand "Feature Administration Tools" and tick on "Group Policy Management tools" and then click on "OK" 

02-07-2012 18-57-23

when it done installing, Open your Powershell Console and type : Import-Module GroupPolicy

No error for now..

02-07-2012 20-08-30 

Let see what if it imported it or not.

Get-Command -Module GroupPolicy

02-07-2012 20-09-20

All Done ,, Seem fine

Now we can start messing up with Group policies using Powershell. ;o) 




Aman Dhally

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  1. Hey Hi,
    I have done uptil here, but I am stuck with a way to handle a particular Group Policy setting.
    The setting I want is to add a BHO-CLSID to the Add-on list on the Internet Explorer settings.

    The entire path is here: GPedit.msc -> Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Internet Explorer -> Security Features -> Add-on Management -> Add-on List.

    I would like to enable it and then add a parameter in it.

    Any help with doing so is mostly appreciated.


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