Monday, July 2, 2012

Find Specific commands in a loaded module in PowerShell.



Today i am working with few cmdlets and loaded modules in powershell and then i need to find a cmdlet but rather then find it on whole loaded module i want to search it in to a specific module.

for example.

To find all cmdlets which have "ADD" word,   we may run this command.

 Get-Command -Name *add*
02-07-2012 11-48-21 
When we run the above command it list all cmdlets which have "ADD" in  them. but out target is to find all cmdlet  which have "Add" word in it  on in to a specific module, to achieve it just add -Module and a Module Name . simple 
Get-Command -Name *add* -Module ActiveDirectory 

02-07-2012 11-51-32

Simple. Now it showing all cmdlets which have "Add" word. :)



Aman Dhally

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