Friday, July 6, 2012

Test Connectivity of Multiple Server and then do "Trace Route" on failed servers using powershell script.


Yesterday one of our "New Delhi PowerShell User Group" member was trying to do the following.

Ping a list of Internet and External Server, and then do the "Trace Route" on the failed ones.  He was facing a problem using "foreach" cmdlets.

to help him i tried to write a script for him and he liked it .. So i think that i should share this script with everyone so that everyone else can be benefitted.

The Script is very easy, you can download the script form here:

Download Link :

This script  doing  Test-Connection to the all Computers in $servers and if test failes then it does 
trace route to that Server. 

Screenshot of the Script.

06-07-2012 12-05-56

Download Link :

Thanks for reading.


Aman Dhally

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