Thursday, October 4, 2012

PowerShell Script to Get Static IP Address or Public IP Address of internet connection.


In my office we have multiple internet connections.  The Alerting and monitoring already set when any of connection went down.

But sometime i need to know which Internet connection is currently working. to check which internet connection is currently working we can go to some IPCHECK sites and check the Static/Public IP Address of the Internet Connection but i want to write a simple script which can get an Static/Pubic IP Address if the internet for me.

The use of this script, you can use this in any GUI so show the current static address in any in-house WPF Powershell based custom tool.

You can incorporate it in to a any user end client script and much more.

Download Link :

04-10-2012 00-04-21
I have added the comments in the script so the script source file is quite self explanatory.

Download Link :

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