Wednesday, October 10, 2012

View & Read File Contents Using Powershell.


I am very busy in October and November Sad smile so you may not see much posts from me  in this time period.

We love files especially if they have TEXT,Config,XML,HTML or any other kind of files those contain Text or raw text in source.

I like Text files to store simple data, the text file are small in size and they don’t need any special program to open.

As you know i do spent a lots of time on PowerShell console and some time when i need to read any text file i have use Get-Content cmdlet.

Get-Content can read txt,inf,html,csv, xml, PS1 and lots more.

Usage of Get-content is simple.

Get-Content FILE_NAME

10-10-2012 23-23-31

and you can also read and see Powershell Script in the console using Get-Content.

10-10-2012 23-28-25

Simple Isn't Smile 


Aman Dhally

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