Monday, October 29, 2012

Script to send HTML Formatted email of Newly Created Active Directory Users and Groups using Powershell.


Sometime i love to run scripts manually and sometime  i like to schedule them.

 In our company we have lots of new joiners every week, and we also creates and use AD groups. In our IT team not everyone known about which users has just joined the company recently.

To ensure everyone in IT team knows about a new joiner in the company i have written a Tiny-Miny powershell script which is scheduled to run on every monday.

This script send a HTML formatted email containing the list of New AD Users and New AD groups those are created within a 7 days,.

You can download the script from this link :

Screenshot of the Output Email:
29-10-2012 16-54-31
You can download the script from this link :

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