Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birthdays and Bill payments reminder script based on Powershell.


My memory is very weak , and sometime i do forget the birthdays of my friends. and sometime even if forget to pay my mobile bills, I do have set up reminders on my mobile and outlook but still sometime i missed the alerts.

On weekends i hardly check my mobile until it is ringing and on Laptop at home i wont use outlook. Due to my laziness i mainly forget these things. But one thing i do most of the days are open my powershell console daily. the profile on my office laptop and home laptop are synced and script between both laptops are synced daily.

So i thought why not to create a simple script which open daily with my powershell console and show me if i need to pay any bill payment today or to wish  birthday to any of my friend.

I liked the thought. the only problem was to manually add everyone’s birthday in to the script, but somehow i able to manage it.

Download script form here http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/BirthdaysTasksBill-cfb1d958

Script is very simple and i used SWITCH statement in it.  There are two parts in the script, first is Payment part and second the the Birthday part.

Payment Part:
We have to make payment every month, so in payment part script only check for date and if date matched as per your criteria it shows what you have defined.
Birthday Parts:
Birthdays are specified by months and Date, the birthday part script check for month and the it switch to date.
How to use it.
Add your friends birthday manually and adding birthday and reminders are one time task.
28-08-2012 19-53-47
When you run the script, it checks for Month, and if it matched the current month then it switch again to Day of the Month, in below example if the Month is 1 means January then it switch to day of the Month, and if the day of Month matches toy 27 then that will shows the predefined alert in the console.
28-08-2012 19-50-11
09-09-2012 19-01-11
24-08-2012 19-00-3720-09-2012 19-02-29
28-08-2012 19-31-57
The best way to use this script to add it to your Powershell $profile.So that whenever you open your Powershell Console you can have alerts.
20-09-2012 19-03-07

Download script form here http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/BirthdaysTasksBill-cfb1d958

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  1. That is good information. Thanks for the tip I think we all need reminders for things every once in a while. I love paying my bill on my mobile phone.