Thursday, August 2, 2012

Powershell and Active Directory: Powershell based GUI Application to create Group in AD.


GUI are for dumbs and for lazy likes me or for beginners. Few days ago a new IT guy joined our company, he is kind of fresher. I first which we gave him is to create few Groups in active directory. He is new so i don’t want him to sit on any live server or mess with “Active Directory Users and Computers Console”, for him i wrote a little bit tiny tiny powershell based GUI app.

You can download the script from here :

This Script is based on Active Directory module, so before running this script make sure you have RSAT tools installed.

When you run the script first time , it ask you for Username and password, please provide your domain administrator credentials.

02-08-2012 12-06-23

After providing the credentials a GUI will open.

On the Top of the GUI i added a little bit of information about the presence of “Active Directory Module”, and if the Module found is equal to “NO” then this GUI wont work.

In Group Name : Provide the desired group name which you want to create.

In Description : Provide a little bit information about the Group.

In Group Scope: Select your desired Group Scope.

In OU: Select the OU location of The Group.

In Server: Choose your nearest domain controller.

02-08-2012 21-16-38

Your final screen will be look like below. and now click on create.

02-08-2012 21-17-05

That’s all, Our Group is created successfully.

02-08-2012 21-18-12

Download Link :


Aman Dhally

Thanks for reading.


Aman Dhally

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