Wednesday, August 8, 2012

PowerShell based Network Range Pinging application “Network Pinger “Ajit””.


I love to easy my workload using Powershell. I love the way in powershell work, easy to use and easy to learn. I always want to write a GUI tools.Before powershell it was not so easy, even for me writing scripts was very difficult. I never thought that one day i even try to write a GUI based on Powershell.

I always write a GUI tool for network scanning  little bit like “Angry IP-Scanner”. The reason to create my own is that we can add as much as functionality as we want in self developed scripts.

Download the script from this link :

This script scan only a single range of Network Address.

Using the script is simple. Run the script,
  1. Type the Staring Ip-address which you want to scan.
  2. Type the END IP Address of the network which you want to scan.
  3. Click on “RUN”
  4. You will see the real time out put of the scanning in the “Output window”
  5. If you want to email the output to someone else, just provide the “SMTP Server, TO address, From Address, and Subject of the Email, and click on “E-Mail Output” button.
08-08-2012 17-26-52
and the email will be look like this.
08-08-2012 17-25-24
Download the script from this link :

Aman Dhally
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  1. This is some good stuff. Where did you learn all the gui tricks?

    1. Hi Joe,

      Thanks for the nice word.

      I hope you have heard of "Necessity is the mother of invention".

      I am always eager to create my own tools and that leads to learning all these GUI tricks.

      Have a nice day.