Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Software Inventory of Remote Machines/Servers using Powershell.


Sometime i think that my Powershell is based on TASK Based, i think my most of the post are related to “How to do that and how to achieve and ease that task with Powershell”, isn’t ?.

 The tittle of my blog is “The Life of an IT administrator”, and i love to share what this I.T. life shows me everyday, some days are like clam and peaceful and some someday we are like fire fighters.

Anyways today there is need arise that i need to create a report of Software Installed on every Server, for me this is a very tough JOB { if you do manually }, you can imagine that RDP to every server, open Control Panel and Programs and features, and do it manually…i don’t like this….but what you have to do, you have do , there is no choice…..


Thanks GOD we have PowerShell.

I have write down a tiny script which can do this task for us and export the data in to nicely formatted HTML file.

You can define multiple server name separated by commas, and this script will create a single HTML file that contains list of all software installed on each server.

Download Script from here :

How to use script.
  1. Run Powershell as Administrator.
  2. After the name of the script type the name of the servers those software details you want to know.
  3. The output file will be saved to your D:\ Drive.
Note.: This script wont run for windows 2003 Severs,
I tested this script for Windows 2008 Servers and Windows 7 machine.
22-08-2012 13-23-36
22-08-2012 13-25-03
Download Script from here :

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  2. Hello I am using a list of servers separated by comma but only get the data from the same server I am running the script any ideas ?

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