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Setting Microsoft Office 2012 Trust Center's Trusted Location Paths using Powershell.

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If you are working in a Telecom Industry, and if your Analysts and Consultants are using in house built templates then i am sure that you are 98% facing the “Trust Centre warning”.

We are using custom in house built Office Templates for Word,Excel, and PowerPoint.  and the problem was whenever we open our in house templates is Office 2012 we were facing the below error.

We can click on it but it is a quite annoying.

31-08-2012 14-47-12

To resolved this error, the solution is to add our custom built templates directory to the  trusted location in trust center manually on every laptop and desktop.

31-08-2012 15-14-10

Did i mentioned MANUALLY???

Naaaaaa !!!!!!! I thought that we can script this.

And to resolve this is wrote a simple script. you can download the script from this link :

This script is very simple.,

You only need to provide the path of your templates or the location which you want to add as trusted to  $trustlocation variable.
$trustlocation = 'C:\Mylocation\Templates'
and that’s all , when you run the script , the script will create a location registry  named as “Location99” in to the registry.
and the Registry Keys will be look like this .
31-08-2012 15-33-48
and i have added comments in the script for easy understanding,
  1. First script test the path of the “Location99” registry key
  2. and if the Test path fails that will create a New Registry  Folder “Location99” and the the following registry keys
      • AllowSubfolders this is DWORD registry key and the value is 1 to allow subfolders as a trusted location too.
      • Date  = Date of creation
      • Description = Description for location etc.
      • Path  =  Path to the folder
  3. and if folder found it just write a confirmation message in the console that folder do exists.
  4. The script will do the same process for WORD,EXCEL and Powerpoint.
After running the script the location is added to the Word.
31-08-2012 15-15-24

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