powershell_icon_thumb[5]  Powershell Scripts

  1. Reset all “Internet Explorer” setting to default using PowerShell.
  2. Create “Hardware Inventory” Reports Using PowerShell.
  3. Create “Active Directory” Reports in Excel using PowerShell.
  4. Create zip files using PowerShell and 7Zip
  5. Create a “Smart Backup” using PowerShell
  6. Search and Find Files” Using PowerShell.
  7. Generate a “System Information Reports” Using PowerShell.
  8. Send “HTML Formatted Emails” using PowerShell.
  9. Get the “Network Information” of Local and Remote Computers using PowerShell
  10. Create “Software Inventory Report” using PowerShell.
  11. Ping Multiple Servers” using PowerShell
  12.  A Send “Password Reminder Emails” to “Active Directory Users”, who’s Passwords are about to expire using PowerShell.
  13. Automatically “backup your data” to USB Drive using PowerShell.
  14. Create “Software Inventory of Remote Machines” using PowerShell
  15. Check “Free Disk Space” of multiple Servers using PowerShell
  16. Search and Find Folders” Using PowerShell
  17. Release / Renew IP Addresses” Using PowerShell
  18. Open “Internet Explorer” in Specific Height and Width using PowerShell
  19. Fix Client “DNS Issues and IP Address” using PowerShell.
  20. Reports of “Active Directory" User Accounts Those are Newly Created within a Week using PowerShell.
  21. Get Static/Public IP Address” using PowerShell.
  22.  Disk Clean-Up” : Free your Disk Space using  PowerShell
  23. Setting office 2010 Trusted Centre’s, Trusted Locations Using PowerShell.
  24. Ping Multiple Server Using PowerShell and Email the Output – v2 using PowerShell
  25. Set Computer name” using PowerShell
  26. Graphical Desktop Management Tool” :  Based on PowerShell
  27. Get “Active Directory Information Report” in HTML Using Powershell.
  28. Manage “Active Directory User Accounts” Using PowerShell
  29. Get the Average Ping Response Time of Multiple Servers
  30. Graphical Application :  Ping IP Addresses Range | Network Pinger "AJIT” based on PowerShell"
  31. Using BEEP sound in PowerShell Scripts.
  32. "Remote Server Administration Tools" Deployment using PowerShell
  33. Reset “Hidden files and folders” to normal using PowerShell
  34. Set Random Wallpaper on your Desktop  using Powershell
  35. Create Multiple Groups in “Active Directory” and Add Multiple users in to it
  36. Get The Name of Installed Antivirus using Powershell
  37. Birthdays,Tasks,Bill Payements Reminders Script using PowerShell.
  38. Ping Multiple Servers and then do trace route on failed Servers using PowerShell
  39. Change “Windows Power Options” Schemes using PowerShell
  40.  Mini World Clock: Get Time of Multiple Countries Using PowerShell.:-
  41. Access Outlook Contacts” using PowerShell
  42. Find problematic Windows Services on Multiple Servers using PowerShell.
  43. Delete OST from User App Folder using PowerShell
  44. ON-OFF Keyboard Lock keys” Using PowerShell
  45. SCOM : Get List of Management pack overrides creates 2 days ago
  46. Graphical Application : Windows 7 Login Screen Wallpaper Changer based on PowerShell
  47. HTML Email Reports on Newly Created Active Directory Users Accounts  And Groups using PowerShell
  48. Start Stopped Service Automatically using PowerShell
  49. Copy "Other" field data of Microsoft Outlook Contacts Using PowerShell
  50. Manage Apple iTunes using PowerShell
  51. Create Encrypted Folder Using PowerShell
  52. Keep Testing Internet-Intranet until they start working using PowerShell.
  53. Enable useSSLtrasport in Vmware Mirage using PowerShell
  54. Export EFS Certificates Using PowerShell
  55. Create Meeting in Microsoft  Outlook using PowerShell
  56. Fix User's Initial in Microsoft Office using PowerShell
  57. Get  Information of “Microsoft Office Applications File & Product versions” using Powershell
  58. Graphical Application: Samay: Digital Clock based on PowerShell.
  59. Graphical Application : Stopwatch : based on PowerShell
  60. RSA SecurID Software Token Converter PowerShell Script
  61. Remove Computer Account from All Domain Controllers using PowerShell
  62. WAN Monitoring using PowerShell and Sending Email Alerts
  63. Office 365 Mailbox Sizes and Mailbox Quotas Email Reports using PowerShell
  64. Inspire Me : Get Random Inspiration Quotes on your PowerShell Console