Monday, December 31, 2012

Google Paid Tribute to the DELHI RAPE victim….thanks a lot GOOGLE.


Today when i open today i saw a candle in the bottom of the Google search box.

and when i hover my mouse over it .. it said…”In the Memory of Delhi BraveHeart”

thanks to pay the tribute to the DELHI Rape Victim.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Loops: Do While in PowerShell.


As i mentioned earlier that i am very busy in the month on October and November that’s why i was not able to write any article on Powershell, but i am little free now and will try to publish articles whenever i get free time.

Today one of my fried call me and he was having some problem understanding DO WHILE loop, I explained the working of the loop over the phone to him and i thought it is worth writing a post on it.

the working of do while loop is simple.

do { code block }
while ( condition )

for example.

do { Dancing }
while ( music is playing )

You got an idea ? isnt ?

That means do  something till while condition is true. Like in above not-IT example do the Dancing till the Music is Playing Smile 

In IT world we can use it in a various ways . Lets try this ….

  • Open Notepad

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and type the below in the powershell console.

  • Do { Ping } while ( Get-Process Notepad | Select-Object  -Property Responding )

what is happening?

Powershell Will Ping Google.Com till the notepad windows is open.

You can notice our Notepad windows is open and we have constantly pinging and after 4 Pings it starts again. 

13-12-2012 15-23-46

I hope it is little bit clear now Smile 


Aman Dhally

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