Sunday, April 9, 2017

PowerShell Basics : Find commands by using Get-Command cmdlet.


Sometimes, the more we do advance things, the more we keep forgetting the  basics.

Today while working on some script, I forget the command  which I need to use.

I do know the module name of the command which it belongs to… So I just my little helpful cmdlet Get-Command –Module MoDuleName

and it showed me all the command of that particular module and along some some other useful commands too.



AmanDhally - PowerShell

Happy PowerShelling..



Aman Dhally

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  1. sir can you help me with a script to check for ping losses on say
    ping -t or ping -n 1 (with loop) or test-Connection
    and if loss occurs play an alert beep, stop beep on reconnection


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