Tuesday, May 24, 2016

PowerShell cmdlet of the Day : Clear-RecycleBin

Do you love sweets? I love them.  And there are some Powershell cmdlets those are tooo sweet like a sweet.

If you want to clear/ empty your recycle bin, there is a very sweet Powershell cmdlet available for it, which is Clear-RecycleBin .

Just run the cmdlet, and it will empty your recycle bin.  You can incorporate this cmdlet to your TEMP file cleaning scripts too.Clear-RecycleBin

If you just run the Clear-RecycleBin, it will ask you for Yes/No confirmation, you can -                        -Confirm:$false to omit it.

Clear-RecycleBin -Confirm:$false
Aman Dhally , Manya Kaur
So sweet isn't? :)
I have tested the above cmdlet on Windows 10 machine :)
Aman Dhally , Manya Kaur

With Regards.
Aman Dhally
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