Friday, May 20, 2016

PowerShell cmdlet of the Day : Compress-Archive

In the previous blog post we have seen how to extract a ZIP file.

But what about, how you can create a zip file by using PowerShell.

It's simple again, by using the Compress-Archive cmdlet.  The syntax of Compress-Archive cmdlet is simple, provide the -Path of the folder which you want to compress, then provide the      -DestinationPath of your .zip file and then set a -CompressionLevel, and after that hit enter.


Compress-Archive -CompressionLevel Optimal -Path C:\temp\Data\

-DestinationPath C:\temp\


In the the above command, I have set the -compressionLevel to Optimal , and then  provided the -path of my folder which I wan to zip and then the destination path of new zip file which in And hit enter, in the below screenshot you can see that it has started creating a zip file. 


Aman Dhally, Manya Kaur


In the below folder you can see, that our zip file is successfully created. Yayyy!!!!!


Aman Dhally, Manya Kaur

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Aman Dhally, Manya Kaur

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